Zauntee, a 20-year old songwriter and producer based in Tampa, Florida in the USA released his long-anticipated debut album ‘3:34’. He is best known for his song, “God Taught Me” released far back in 2017. Which was the song that gave him a wider audience in the CHH community. The song is featured as the 10th and last track on the album alongside his last single “I’m Sorry” released in September.

About the album, Zauntee said,

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for 3 years. Actually, for as long as I can remember. I knew I was called to music at age 14, that’s all I’ve done ever since. My passion, all my focus poured into one thing. Why? I have 3 Desires: To Glorify God, to take care of my family, and to be here for YOU.

Every song on this album was built by pain and built by struggle. Long days, sleepless nights. Shaped by Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity, Brokeness. Days my account was negative, the lights went out, the car was gone, the fridge was empty. Days of depression, days of being hurt, lost, days of breakups, losing a friend, being in doubt, being ALONE. I’m YOU. We all have different battles, but we feel the same emotions.

I want YOU to realize you have a purpose, and that you’re not ALONE.”

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