Talk about bars, grit, style and vocal delivery he’s got it all. Oluwatomi burst onto the scene in 2016 with the song ‘Opa Ase’ alongside Jil Nation’s Oba Reengy. He followed that up with the street anthem ‘911’  which appeared on iRapChrist’s nCHH 2016,  then ‘EOD’. Now he is getting ready to drop his first music project . A mixtape he titled ‘TEN’.

We had a bit of conversation with him about his journey so far and what ‘Ten’ is all about.

iRapChrist: When did you start rapping and what led you to it?

Oluwatomi: I started rapping in 2010. But wasn’t professional. That was when I started putting my writing into rap. I have always been a writer. The love of music Hip Hop in particular, led me to rap especially when I felt I could do it better than what I was hearing at the time.

iRapChrist: Who was/were your greatest influence(s)?

Oluwatomi: I fed a whole lot on Kenny Kore in my early years as a Christian then presently in my early “Christian Hip Hop” journey definitely Sola Shittu, NF, S.O.


iRapChrist: What is the concept/idea behind ‘TEN’ and what message are you trying to pass with the project?

Oluwatomi: ‘TEN’ signifies me making sounds that will influence culture for at least the next 10 year. And also it’s a summary of the year 2+0+1+7. It also signifies that after this project drops, everything will add up for my career to move to the next level. It’s an enzymatic prophetic project

The message behind the project is that:

  1. “Making music” wasn’t the whole idea but influencing culture and using music as a tool. More like the reason I do all I do.
  2. Also using this project as just the beginning as greater things are coming out in the coming years… U will notice I said some things in “Take over” the outro

It’s basically a first project. Getting peeps acquainted with my sound and for the folks that aren’t aware of “clean Hip Hop’ sound. To let them know you can be cool and still do hip Hop top Notch


iRapChrist: Your vocals are almost always aggressive which is slowly becoming your signature style. How did you come about that or is it just the way you are?

Oluwatomi: My aggressive nature of delivery really is me pouring out how I feel on the subject matter. I try to put my emotions into my sound.

Well I don’t go all aggressive on all songs. The soft aspect of my sound will be felt in due time.

iRapChrist: Tell us a bit about JIL Nation and how you met Oba Reengy.

Oluwatomi: JIl Nation simply means Jesus Is Light. A clique of young vibrant Christians trying to influence culture positively. In which I joined in 2016 after meeting Oba Reengy.

I met Oba Reengy via a friend (Explorer) in Abeokuta. So I chatted him up all on music as I heard his latest song as at the time. We got talking and we connected more after I released my first ‘official’ single “Olorun wa” in Feb 2016.


iRapChrist: What do you think about CHH in Nigeria?

Oluwatomi: CHH in Nigeria is really growing big. I see it even growing bigger in the coming years. As the bigger it gets the more lives it will touch positively.


iRapChrist: Who are you feeling right now/will like to collaborate with in nCHH?

Oluwatomi: Hmmmm. I will love to work with MGP, El Noel and Tobi Toun. I think they aren’t “normal” people.

iRapChrist: Thank you very much for your time and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for ‘TEN’.




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