Man somebody messaged me on Instagram saying they don’t listen to my music because I don’t drive a brand new fancy car, like a real rapper, Well I’m tryna be smart with my money and actually I’m in love with my car(1998 Honda), plus I ain’t got No Car Note


Sallie Mae Back got millions of views in it’s first week after it was premiered on facebook, the song became a source of hope to many people who have large piles of student loans waiting to be paid, not just student loans but debts in general. Dee-1 used the money he got from his record deal to pay back his student loans to Sallie Mae back.

About riding in fancy cars and by going to get a car loan that would result in having car notes (the amount paid back periodically to pay up a car loan), Dee 1 simply tells you , why change it if it ain’t broken.

He says, he uses all that extra money to take a vacation, to stack up his savings, etc.

Just Like Sallie Mae back, Dee 1 still emphasises Financial Literacy inĀ NoCar NoteĀ , a track from his mixtape Slingshot David

About financial literacy is very important, we have seen Dee1 take on big partnerships with different organisations and institutions on financial literacy sessions.

At the end of the video , he strolls majestically into his house , responding to a question.

Dee Is this your house? uurgh yeah, I don’t have a car note, what do you think I spend my money on.



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