Nabem Ezekiel Iornem popularly known by his stage name Eazy Bob Wizzy was born in Kaduna Nigeria, Eazy Bob Wizzy describes himself as “an artist who makes art to shape urban culture”.

Since then, he has been making music to capture the hearts of young men and women and directing it to God. He runs a clothing line “Ryt Path Clothing”,a media company “34ZY Med!a” and is the owner of the “XtraOrdinary Rekordz” which are all under his company “Ryt Path Co.”. Eazy has a new project titled “Who is Eazy” which was  released on the 11th of November, 2016.

Eazy Bob Wizzy is a well-rounded artist and producer who not only makes good music; he makes good music of substance based around relevant  content applicable to Christianity today.

Eazy Bob Wizzy is on a journey of self discovery, a journey to find himself. Speaking about life experiences ranging from life before Jesus and struggling to maintain a relationship with Him, experiences with friends, family, his girlfriend(s), addiction and how everything he’s been through so far has made him who he is.

Talking about the effect of procrastination on his life on “Nike.” His identity in Christ on the song “X” with a catchy hook, to a well painted picture of love between a man and a woman on “Fyn Geh” with Leo Owan, also talking about his “Desires” and how Imperfect he is on “Imperfect E!” and to top it off by telling us how God feels about him despite his imperfections on the song “Love.”



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