Christian Hip Hop legend, Ambassador had a chat with DJ Wade O on the issues of Christians being Christians in Hip-Hop. Ambassador’s was asked about Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar and the displayed affirmation by Christians in their circles. The rapper mentioned Chance as someone who professes himself as a Christian , makes worship songs, talks about the trinity seems to have an affection for Godly things but may be someone very undiscipled, because he also seems very comfortable with the things Christ calls away from. Ambassador talks about other things including the place of a local church and Christians living as commanded. Wade – O  and Ambassador had very deep conversations here which are thought provoking.

Ambassador says at the end that people should please note that he is not taking shots or judging any one.

Please share your comments as you watch below:

[0:40] – Christian’s Embrace of Kendrick & Chance
[7:50] – Changes in the way the local church look
[9:00] – Going to church online IS NOT attending church
[10:50] – A message to people “attending” church online
[14:03] – Additional thoughts on the faith of Kendrick and Chance
[15:20] – “Christians sound alike”
[16:40] – “The centrality of Christ in conversion and conversion accounts”
[19:05] – Hip-Hop NEEDS Christians being Christian
[22:10] – The example of Jim Elliot and William Borden
[22:35] – “If you wanna go home, go home”
[25:14] – People who “leave” don’t really leave
[27:11] – Whoever is left should be under God’s command
[31:27] – Closing Remarks by The Ambassador


Watch the first part of the conversation.


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