King Thi’sl has  released a new music video for the eight track – “What Are We Fighting For”  of his most recent mixtape – Heavy is The Head.  which was released in 2015.

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Read the Lyrics below.


What are we fighting for?
What are we fighting for?
I promise to love you
I promise

[Verse 1]
What up King?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Give me a couple seconds and I’m finished
I promise it won’t even be that deep
I just got a couple things I need to speak
I need a chance to apologize
For all the days I wanted to see you die
When I was young I didn’t realize
That there’s no difference between you and I
See where I’m from them boys wear red and ya’ll wear blue
And I was taught that you’ll kill me so I killed you
There was no other way in my eyes
But to leave your mama traumatized
It’s either that or see my brother die
It’s either you or watch my mother cry
See where we from you know that’s how we ride
Preserve my life if everybody die
It hurt my heart to hear the words fly
King I only want to see you fly
But instead you behind bars
Because we slaves to the fancy cars
It’s like we hop right off that slave ship
To go and kill the ones we were in chains with
Now a chain around my neck supposed to feel better?
I guess that make me lame I want to live better?
I hope you know that these are more than lyrics
King you were made in God’s image
I know that this not what you used to hearing
I hope it touch your heart and touch your spirit
I hate to watch the news everyday
I know that I’m about to see your face
We lose the one shot and we lose the shooter
Mama can’t say nothing but Jesus hallelujah
Our women and our children need us King
I know you think you born to fail but you the dream
Martin had when he was letting freedom reign
It’s time for you to show the world what you can bring
I know you think it’s bad but you the dream
Martin had when he was letting freedom reign
You were made in the image of the King
It’s time for us to show the world what we can bring

What are we fighting for?
All this damage done isn’t quite enough for us?
I promise to love you again
I promise


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