Bizzle wants to reminds us that while we’re living in an era of vanity, ego, greed, and pride, the real king of kings is watching over us. Today, VIBE debuts the visuals to his new single “King” — featuring H.U.R.T. — from his upcoming album, Crowns And Crosses.

“With all the self-proclaimed kings & gods we have in hip-hop today, pride is at an all- time high. That being said, there’s only one God and one King of kings, and He’s Jesus Christ. The rest of us are merely mortal men who will die (and won’t rise again) and will have to answer to that GOD or that King one day,”

said Bizzle as he expounds upon the meaning of the song.

The track features the righteous wordsmiths laying the smack down on a lot of the ignorance being promoted in Hip-Hop and takes a stand against fake gangsters, wannabe kings, and folks who directly harm the community. And Bizzle shows them all no mercy as he hits ‘em with heavy handed bars like, “Everybody wanna pop rugers/we love to brag about it like it’s not foolish/They hate us cuz we tryna put a stop to it/And we love to glorify murder till a cop do it”. He does it all while letting us know that in his eyes, the only real king is Jesus Christ.

“The money, power, fame and everything else that makes you feel like a god on earth will eventually leave your side when it’s time to lay in that box. Everybody is the hardest most gangsta person to walk the earth until tragedy reminds them exactly how vulnerable they really are. How can you be a god but you can drown, suffocate, or choke on a jelly bean and be out of here? That’s no god,”


He continues with, “The grave humbles everyone—everyone is someone’s ‘baby’ who’s in a ‘better place’ when the eulogy is being read at the funeral. There’s only One, who, according to Christian and non-Christian historians defeated death, so let’s humble ourselves before the grave does and stop trying to take a title that doesn’t belong to us. Everyone wants Jesus’s crown, but nobody wants to wear His crown (of thorns) or carry His cross.”

His new album, Crowns And Crosses, will be released on Oct. 21 on God Over Money Records.



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