Christian Hip-Hop is beginning to take a new shape and broadening its reach, as new creatives and ideas keep emerging in recent times. It is of little doubt that this community will totally have evolved in a few years to come.

V. Rose who is no underdog in the Christian Hip-Hip space, for over a decade has stayed relevant with her music. Also, her assistance in the success of other artists can not be overlooked. She has decided to re-route the direction of her career by establishing her own record label having gained a wealth of experience in the industry.

“And my hope now is to find talented, hardworking artists and give them the push they need, and the knowledge that will empower them in their career right from the beginning. And so it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Indie West Music Group.” V. Rose said.

Lundi (comprising of Lundi & Jacob), a hip-hop/pop duo is her first signed act under the label. And they have released a song ‘For Me’ under the Indie West MG imprint.

Listen to For Me Below:



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