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They told me hate the sin and you better love the sinner

Because God loved you even before the beginning

The Bible said He loved us way before we even knew

But people hate each other because its sin we’re going through

Marty here starts off with teachings he has heard about love and God’s commandment

towards love but he gets worried at the level at which people get to hate each other. They feel

or think that some person is a worse sinner, simply because the person is either struggling

with or committing some sins that they do not commit and they do not show these people

love. If God loved us before we even knew what love meant, we should also extend the same

love to everyone around us- whether sinners or not.

And people call themselves Christians

But God hates fags written all over the pickets

We play the Holy Spirit and judge people because of the way they sin different

Social Club will always be the difference I have gay friends and I’m not afraid to say it

And I love ’em like Christ did and people are gonna hate it

They know what I believe in and they might not agree

But I stand as living proof look at what God did for me

He is shocked here at how people call themselves Christians and engage in funny acts. For

example “God hates fags written all over the pickets”. The parties in question should have

said “God hates the act and not the people”. It is not the will of God that man should perish,

that was why he sent his son (Jesus Christ) to come atone for our sins.

Marty also raps about men acting as judges over fellow men- when in reality, men should

condemn the sin, pray and show love to the sinner.

I saw pornography before I was just a teen

Although I slipped up it’s by his grace I am free

And thank God for leaders that never gave up on me

Without the grace of God who knows where I would be

A screwed up teen in a youth group full of kids

Nobody spoke to me the first time I ever went

So instead I smoked weed with a couple of my friends

I know I’m not like them but I know I can pretend

Marty here talks about how the grace of God kept and rescued him from his sinful state, he

mentioned just one example. He thanked God for leaders that never gave up on him. His

leaders might have been praying for him, paying him visits and showing other forms of love

towards him. He concludes this verse by saying that many people look at sinners like they

have no hope of being saved. People look at sinners and give up on them.

If Saul could be converted to Paul, if the thief on the cross could be saved, then we should not

give up on sinners. We should interact with sinners and not push them away, we should

welcome them as they are, but at the same time we should not compromise.

So I had a daughter then it all got real

They say players get girls

I could no longer be caught up .

How could somebody so broken down be given a gift that only God allows?

When I broke his heart over and over, wow

I’ve seen it all, lifted all every category

I’m walking miracle look what the Lord did for me

I’ve seen homosexuality delivered actually

To my uncle, rest in peace, He with the Lord though

He recognized in the end we make a choice yo

A moment of grace was given to him right?

Then he looked up to the sky and surrendered his life

Cause all of the drugs that I was on

I made it out of it, I’m married and I love strong

I’m just another testimony of the Fathers love, Fernie

Molestation issues in my family

To the ladies that I did wrong

Fern in this verse talks about his former life. He raps about God still giving him a daughter

even though he had wronged many ladies. He mentions that God showed him love in so

many ways that he can be referred to as a walking miracle. He also appreciates the love that

God showed to his uncle on his dying bed as a sinner, his uncle accepted Christ on his dying

bed. In conclusion, he emphasizes on how God never gave up on him. Hence, we should

never give up on sinners.

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