Rapper Tobi Toun returns to the stage with a new song  titled “###”.  “###” is his latest release since he released his  debut Whispers Mixtape  in 2016.

“###” comes from a heart that understands God’s Love for humanity and the assurance that all things work together for the good, of those who believe in Christ.

Tobi Toun and FIF decided to look forge ahead and rise from the ashes (###) that may come with life.

Tobi Toun says,

 Praise God and rely on him even in the middle of struggles’…I was going through hard times and for a while I allowed it get me down, and it even made me point to God at some point with blame and questions. But in between, I rose to turn to God and I found peace. So the song is an expression of some of those struggles and worries, but with faith speaking up in between. So in the middle of whatever, my soul will praise God. Because I believe in His love and I understand that he only has good thoughts towards me, so everything is alright.

Listen below






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