You Were Made to be  a goon  For His Glory.

A goon is a person who is hired to threaten, beat up, or kill someone


Goon from the “City Lights” album zooms out of the currently accepted norm, it encourages followers of Christ to be glimmers of hope in a dark and

fallen world – particularly in their own cities.

“Goon” was one of the most promoted tracks from the album and the most likely reason for this was because Json and Thi’sl –  two of some of the

grittiest rappers in the genre – murdered the beat with style, while the vocals of Pastor AD3 gave the song a calm feeling.


The message of the song is simple and effective:

You were not created by God to be a goon, a thug, or a lawbreaker; he created you to bring glory to his name.


Like the Chorus says


You are not a Goon

That’s not why He created you

He made you for glory

In His image & His likeness

Lil homie I was you

Grinding for the change & fame that made me

Post with that thang that bang to save me

Till Christ came & man He changed me.

Lil homie u are not a Goon


The album City Lights is available on iTunes and Amazon


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