Our Throwback Thursday #TBT is back on full gear. Starting off the momentum this week is from former Reach Record artist and HGA boss, Kevin Elijah Burgess, known popularly as ‘KB’. The song is from his debut LP, ‘Weight & Glory’  released in 2012, it featured Swoope and former label mate, Trip Lee.

The song is titled “Open Letter (Battlefield)”, which is in my opinion the most track with the strongest message. It is the seventh track on the LP. In this song, KB sits with Swoope and Trip Lee to read and pray over some random letters from fans. The two letters read by KB and Swoope respectively were centred on lust. The first letter is from a girl who struggles with her sexuality and how dejected she feels sometimes when with her peers. The precise way at which KB flows while reading this letter is very typical of his type of flow even to this day.

A part of this letter reads;

“(I know it) I’m lustin’, I’m sinnin’, but my lust here is different
Since I’ve been so alone I kinda long for the touch of a woman”

The second letter read by Swoope is about a guy fighting his natural urges and sexual temptations with his fiancé, and how he struggles to remain pure even with the thought that his fiancé is basically his wife already dropping in his head. Pastor Trip then rounds off the song with a prayer.

The chorus which was sung by Jai says;

“There’s a war inside my heart and mind, every day I fight it
So make me align to the truth and rely on your Spirit inside me
(It’s time to make) war, war, war, war, war, war, ’cause life is a battlefield
War, war, war, war, war, war, ’cause life is a battlefield”

The song was produced by Dirty Rice and Prielozny.

Listen to Weight & Glory Album Below:


Lyrics Video Source from Tope Salau


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