Few days ago, Thi’sl was shot during an attempted robbery.

Thi’sl has now posted an update on the incident that occurred,

See below from Thi’sl

“I want to start off by saying, “Thank you so much for the love that you have shown me during this time!” I’ve seen many of your posts, THANKS A MILLION! I know many of you have been hearing that I was shot Monday night during an attempted robbery in my hometown of St. Louis. I also have been made aware that there are many stories going around so I wanted to take this time to clarify what happened as well as personally give you guys an update on my current condition.

It is true I was involved in an attempted robbery. It’s not true that I was shot multiple times. That was believed to be true early on because I had three holes in my left leg but those ended up being the exit wounds and not the entry. The bullet entered my left thigh, fragmented in my leg and exited in three pieces in my inner thigh by my groin. The larger part of the bullet then entered my right inner thigh, hit my femur bone, broke it and exited the other side. By the grace of God I had my firearm on me and was able to pull it and fire back which is why I wasn’t totally victimized.

The road to recovery is going to be a long one. Speaking with my doctor today it could be up to three months before my leg is completely healed. I will not be able to move at all for the first two weeks that I’m home, I’ll only able to sit with my leg elevated. Minutes after this happened I had these thoughts running through my mind, “I’m out here every day breaking my back to save the very dudes that just tried to rob me.” I instantly combatted those thoughts with, “This is the reason why I have to go harder, so these dudes don’t have for do this.”

This will not shake me or change the way I see view these young men, I still want to see these young men changed, I still want to see them come to know their creator and experience the saving grace of Jesus! I’m a man that would normally keep my mouth shut and go through what I’m going through on my own but at the counsel of friends and family, I’ve allowed my friend Olivia McClinton to create a GOFund me campaign that will help me cover my bills for the next three months and any unexpected medical expenses that may occur.

I will keep you guys updated and I promise you I’m in good spirits at this point even though I can’t walk or do anything on my own. Again thanks for all of the love it’s been a blessing reading your words!”

A GoFundMe page has been started with a goal of $24,000. Click here to support Thi’sl with your funds.

The entire iRapChrist team wishes Thi’sl speedy and full recovery



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