Telling Your Story in your music
Telling Your Story in your music

When artistes  get to tell their stories in songs and also include the Jesus message thereby putting a balance and as well as a final conclusion to that balance, such artistes and their arts tend to stand out.

Christian Hip Hop  in the United States of America has come to a lovable state in the hearts of people, all because of constant story telling in songsby a majority of the artistes. As an artiste, your songs are meant to let the people you are trying to connect with know what has happened, what is happening and what you’ll want to happen. These three elements play an important role in helping to strike a connection with listeners. It is very possible that listeners have already experienced some part of your story, this feeling of similarity subconsciously binds the listeners to your music, and your success in overcoming challenges on your journey would also be of help to your listeners on their journey.

A host of artistes have told stories and are still telling stories. The only place you get to hear more or know about these artiste apart from interviews,

are in their songs. They do not just tweet their stories they tell their stories. No two persons have the same stories even identical twins do not have the same stories.

Imbibing the art of story telling in music, gives listeners more what is easy to relate to and which can cut across all bounds and types of culture. Making the artiste have a say and make them a force to be heard by people even beyond the Christian Community.

Artistes have their own different and special ways they tend to connect with the people they want their song to relate to. So with that, there are no copy cats, but at the end of the day it is still all about one purpose,the Gospel. Artistes always have stories to tell and there is no end to these stories because these stories are events and experiences that have happened, that’s happening and will happen. Stories are what makes you as an artiste different from the other and what makes your art unique from the other.

To all hip hop artistes with a Christian tone in their music, please let there be a relationship between your story and your message, even when
you get featured on a song never stop telling your story, it is a part of you. It is what people get to hear, relate and begin to understand where you are coming from and where you’re going to.

The message is Christ in your story!




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