Supremez WAFFEST


All the other rappers in the studio were like, this guy would murder all of us.

The above was the aftermath of the recording of WAFFEST (Warri Fitness Festival) anthem.

Below was the response whjen the other secular rappers heard Supremez represent Christ.

and the other rappers all said Are you kidding me. You are a Christian Rapper or rapper that is Christian, You rap so good.

When you strive to keep your body fit, this song is a go to song, but it would not just keep you up on the treadmill or pushing up, but it would also help in keeping your spirit man fit.


Supremez is the first Faith based artiste to record an official theme song for WAFFEST INVICTUS titled, “WAFFEST ANTHEM” and he will be performing it LIVE at the main event on October 3rd, 2016 at Delta Careers College.


Listen to and download the WAFFEST Anthem by Supremez.







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