Off the soon to be released ‘Second City – Part 2’. Steven Malcolm drops new music titled ‘Been There’ as he talks about the tough times and things he has faced from people. The song was produced by Juice Bangers and cover art was done by Jacob Henley.

Steven Malcolm is on his journey to releasing four (4) EPs this 2018. The first was The Second City : Part 1 which was released on January 26, 2018

Talking about the project Steven Malcolm says

“My Father was a Jamaican immigrant. He was arrested in the United States and deported when I was only 10 years old. I never saw him again,” explains Malcolm. “He was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica… also known as The Second City. This is my heritage, however, because of Jesus my story is not like my Father’s”.

“The Second City is an ode to my past, and also represents the new story of hope and redemption I found in Jesus,” continues Malcolm. “The Second City is an illustration for the new life, the new story, and the new eternal Kingdom God invites us into through Jesus. Sinners like you and me can receive forgiveness, hope, and eternal life through the finished work of Jesus on the cross! Welcome to The Second City.”


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