Humble Beast Rapper, Sho Baraka, has released the video to My Hood a track from of his most recent album , The Narrative which is his first project under his new label 


My Hood  is a history lesson, as Sho chronicles what life was like for millions of urban black people who lived across the United States from the 1930s onward. “Myhood, USA” is a fictional town , but more importantly it serves as a giant and disturbing analogy for what really happened in black communities across America.

What starts off as a prosperous and independent “town”, Myhood gradually turns into a crime-ridden and corrupt disaster plagued with little wealth and an abundance of vices. This is exactly what happened to many of these real-life urban black communities in the States across the 20th century and into the 21st – due to factors such as systematic racism, the 1980s drug trade, gentrification, along with a myriad of other injustices.

Despite the generations of oppression, at the end Sho believes that all this injustice won’t last forever and that one day Myhood – or black communities in general – will prosper again. —@djsmallz97


Watch below




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