Watch DJ Wade-O holding it down with Christian Hip Hop rapper ‘Shai Linne’

Timestamps for topics:

1:51 – What prompted the album title “Still Jesus”
3:07 – How Christian Hip Hop has Shifted and Changed Over the years
6:30 – Why Shai believes the Shift took place
10:20 – Why does the shift that has taken place matter? Is it sinful?
13:34 – HIs journey into church planting
16:52 – HIs response to the New Business Model in the music Industry
19:56 – Where he got the name for his supporters, “the 7000.”
22:35 – The Fallout from his controversial song “False Teachers”
30:11 – What true unity looks like in the body of Christ
31:24 – Why Shai Linne decided to address the Lecrae’s shift now
34:30 – HIs current charge to Christian Rappers
36:40 – The Current Social Justice Discussion in CHH
39:39 – Reformed/ Evangelical leaders not supporting the Social Justice Movement
42:15 – One of the lasting legacy of Cross Movement and the Young and Ashamed Movement
45:09 – Rebuilding the Family thru the gospel
51:03 – The Future of Lampmode Recordings and Shai’s plans for the rest of 2017


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