Sevin Purple Heart


And the wait is over ,the newest signing under God Over Money Records, Sevin has released his debut album under the record label.

Sevin recently released visuals for Righteous War and Surrender, both are tracks from the Purple Heart Album.


  1. Forgiven
  2. Righteous War (feat. Illuminate)
  3. Blow My High
  4. Surrender
  5. Time Go (feat. Bizzle & Eric C)
  6. Purple Heart
  7. I’m Wit It (feat. Datin, Bumps INF & Bizzle)
  8. You Are God (feat. SHEENA)
  9. If I Could
  10. Y.O.L.O. (feat. Datin)
  11. Zion (feat. Bizzle & Lavosier)
  12. Champion (feat. Angie Rose)
  13. Back 2 You
  14. One Moment
  15. Broken Mirror (feat. Bizzle)


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