Selah The Corner of God Over Money Records gives a deep look at the meaning behind his upcoming single “High Potenoose” dropping on April 20.

Selah The Corner describes High Potenoose as being about idolatry, he emphasised that himself and his friends(full of violence, rage, anger etc) in the past never smoked weed to get high , he said they smoked weed it to feel sober, to calm down , He says.. the problem he had then was that there There is something other than God that should calm hm down opr bring peace to him. He says , if I retreat to weed before I retreat to God to have peace, that is High Potenoose. Selah  says always put God first above , Kids, Job,  that  is what High Potenoose is all about. Anything that is above God is bad. Anticipate his coming album .

Memoirs Of The Perfect World




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