Nigerian American rapper Sain Owumi has dropped his secodn project titled Sorry I’m Late. Sain Owumi talks about the three tracked EP titled ‘Sorry I’m Late’, he says it means

 I’m sorry to my listeners that I wasn’t around earlier to create an impact
That I didn’t mature quicker to allow me to be the person I need to be
It plays out like a short drive where I start off the night apologizing to my fiancé in “Apologize” Then I uplift her in the song “Work Something” telling her things like
“Girl our love is divine I spit this truth in the booth, I fell in love with your mind you really doing your thing I see you follow God’s time.”

Them this short chapter come to an end with the song “This is My Pain” where I vent and let out my frustrations and disappointments in life.

Listen below.


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1. Apologize – Produced by DCQ Beatz
2. Work Something -Produced by Yung Tago
3. This Is My Pain – Produced by PrimeGotBeats


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