Ruslan probably stumbled or someone pointed him to it ,  and Dream Junkies was mentioned in not so a nice way.

See Below Ruslan’s comment.

Did you just allude that reach/Andy put on a better show than the dream junkies cuz of “lights and a screen that played music videos” ?? You have a great sense of chh history. Here is the NUMBER ONE variable you’re missing. Reach was built on the back and heavy co sign of cross movement records. THEY WERE HUGE at the time. Also The heavy co signs of John Piper and Mark Driscoll at the PEAK of the reformed and restless movement. This is 06/07. The lead single from rebel was “don’t waste your life” and subsequent tour was a best selling John Piper book. The bigger crowds came AFTER that. That’s a fact tho. Oh did I mention this was also around the fall of Truth and Ambassador? The community needed someone to put their faith in. It wasn’t magic. It wasn’t because they made better music. And it wasn’t because they had “lights and screens that played music videos” ??? If a chh artist in 2017 (who has decent music & had visibility) was standing on the shoulders of reach records and was publicly co signed today by Judah Smith & Carl Lentz, getting stage time on passion conference, and had an entire movement of artist and theologically aligned curators and influencers behind him, I think it be safe to say they’d reach similar numbers. Consider all the facts before making such bias statements. Than go look at soundscan and streaming numbers to see whose actually out here making moves without any of those things mentioned.

Still commenting .. Ruslan says

they have great business acumen indeed. and there’s A LOT to learn especially from a show/tour marketing stand point… just keep in mind you’re comparing one of our shows with a reach show is comparing two different worlds.. playing two different games… indie vs label… hip hop vs chh.. investors vs self made… industry vs grass roots… neither is right or wrong but they are played by different rules. the strategic alliances were huge for them. the seed money helped a ton. not to mention you’re comparing businesses that were 12/15 years full time vs 2-3 years. just wanted to provide some much need context. carry on.

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