Rapper Royrex, releases a new single titled “Mic Eater”.  On a trap laced instrumental , Royrex portrays himself as a Mic Eater, relating the lyrics to the title, he means, he is all for the gospel , and will go all out for the gospel of Christ.

Oh Lord, I’ll be doing the most
With your Spirit mehn you know I’m a ghost
I’ll be taking out freaking defenders
Trynna stop me from tearing the post
I’ll be feeling like I’m Michael Jordan mehn
45 on the back of the jersey
Mehn I’ll be Lebroning on ’em mehn
Feeling like Steph Curry killin’ all the James


I’ma keep on repping
I’m a Christian Rapper
I’ma be the man curtailing my demeanour
I’ma be the underdog
Never put me in a box, woah, yeah
I’m a go-getter

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Listen below.



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