Datin recently released a new single Do It Again from the The Menace Mixtape with an accompanying video Datin explains how he is being dead to flesh, his pride and worldly desires. The rapper says he has being crucified with Christ and he no longer lives which leaves the name “RIP Datin Is Dead”. “RIP Datin Is Dead” should not be taken in it’s literal meaning but with the an understanding that Datin emphasises on being dead to the flesh, pride and worldly desires. Datin has being crucified and he no longer lives. RIP Datin.

News Circulating around the detah of Datin did not go well with Many God Over Money fans.

At the end of the video an audio clip from Sevin’s YOLO track featuring Datin played explaining the meaning of Datin Triple D, “Dat Datin’s Dead and it’s over for him he’s history.

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The Menace Mixtape Drops Friday, November 10, 2017!!!!

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