Quantel of Tru Muzik Entertainment has dropped a new single titled ‘Gang Gang’.

According to  Quantel –

The song GangGang was created with one goal in mind: to unite and celebrate the body of Christ by killing the segregation and division that exists among denominations. I grew up in what they called a black church. My wife grew up in what they called a white church. I have friends that grew up in what was called a hispanic church. Coming from the gang culture, I was not only comfortable with the different sets, branches, or denominations of Christianity, but I was also disappointed at the same time. I was excited about my new life in Christ. I was excited about doing ministry and serving in my local and universal church, but I must admit I was devastated and confused when I saw the us and them mentality of Christians. I would say to myself, these are people who have been saved by Jesus Christ and believe He is Lord over all, but that was about the only thing they had in common. They all believed Christianity was best displayed through a Baptist lens, or a Pentecostal lens, a Catholic lens, an AME, CME, or AME Zion lens, etc. It looked exactly like what the Lord had just delivered me from. I was so torn because it looked like gangs and churches were twins who were adopted at birth. One got a halfway decent family in the suburbs, and the other one was not so fortunate. Because of this, I wanted to create a song that represented us as one church, one community, one body.

So far Quantel has released four studio projects: The Good Muzik(2013), From Saul to Paul(2014), The Art Gallery(2016), and Mortgage Muzik(2018).

Gang Gang was produced by MUGZ

Listen below.

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