Nigerian rapper Ami, (FKA Provabs ) announced via his Instagram page his new album  Àmì Identity to be released on 21st January 2017.


Through the prayers,the hard work,the questions,the challenges and the victories in finding myself,I have realised one thing, that finding yourself is never complete until you learn to lose yourself. It is a service dedicated in helping others to discover their true potential. No playing safe, no selfish motives, no fears. Just one huge step of taking that leap, cos life can not revolve around you until your life revolves around others. Your story is meant to help others create their own stories,help them sieze their own moments and help them find their own identities. So through every Kick, every snare, every heart of love , every strings attached and every Bars of Obstruction I have faced, Music has been produced. Music to teach, Music to learn,music to grow capacity, music to love, worship and even fight back has been God's beautiful gift through me, to me and my world. As God takes me through this journey called life, He has made me see that Life is a melody,an experience of truth that can only be revealed when you chose to walk with Him. That sign,that proof that He truely exists would never elude you. Sometimes it makes you want to Scream,other times you just want to keep calm. But above all, not walking with Him, would deprive you the access of finding your true #IDENTITY. Cos your true self is embedded in HIM. #AMI… I present to you #IDENTITY #210117 #KeepTheDate Cc @praiseworld_ @peepsandglances @holyhollaradio @amenradio1 @9jagospelworld @gospelcentric @gospelmusicnaija @coolfmlagos @9jagospelworld @xtremgospel @gospelhotspot @gospelcitynaija @gosporellafm @WCRadioofficial @ITVRADIONG @praisecampers @praise1041 @lifegivaradio @soundcity985fm @loveworldinternetradio @nuttyjosh247 @henrisoul @isaacgeralds @gaisebaba @pitasings @spiricoco @gospelnaija @churchevents @gospel_gh @gospogroove Shot by: @emmanueloyeleke

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