the shepherd

Because God is my Shepherd, I will not “want”. I will not “want”- not because of the things I have or the amount of money I have in my account.

Because GOD IS MY SHEPHERD, I will not want. Because of Him, I will not “want”.

As long as He is with me and I am with Him, I will not “want”.

As long as I allow Him lead me, I will not want.

“He restoreth my soul”. He is the one who puts me back together.

My emotions could be all over the place but He restores me to His original plan.

There are days that I miss it and I feel all dragged out, and unworthy.

But God picks me up, wipes tears from my eyes and soothes me.

“He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake”. He is committed to leading me because of His name. It is because of Him I know Him.

He is the one who feeds my soul with manna from heaven.

Days, and weeks without Him cause me deep dissatisfaction and a longing that cannot be filled by any mortal.

I know right and I know “not right” because of Him, not because of any moral standing I might have.

He gives me grace to know Him; He’s the reason for everything.

He’s that voice, that whisper, that intuition that guides my every step, my every move, my every walk. 

“Because He’s with me, I will not fear”.

Because He’s with me, all my fears are drowned in the seas of Your love.

Because He’s with me, darkness seems like daylight.

I have no need to fear, even if death stares me in the face.

How much do I believe these words?

Because He’s with me, there’s NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fear, and I have to keep telling myself this every day. 

“The Lord is my Shepherd…”

I am His sheep. As a shepherd, He leads me. He restores me. He guides me.

He shows me the green pastures where I can graze and eat from.

He feeds me. He watches me and He protects me from the wild animals.

For me, He would leave a whole herd and pursue me when I am lost, and then bring me back into the fold.

He comforts me even on days I am face to face with death.

“He preparest a table for me in the midst of my enemies”.

He shows me off in front of my enemies.

He fights my battles for me,

He prepares me a table, He makes me shine for all to see that He is God.

With Him, there’s overflow.

I will NEVER run out of oil with Him. He anoints me to an overflow.



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