Indigenous Nigerian rapper , Oluwatomi presents his highly anticipated mixtape titled ‘The Ten Tape. Oluwatomi shared exclusive details about the mixtape.

 ‘TEN’ signifies me making sounds that will influence culture for at least the next 10 year. And also it’s a summary of the year 2+0+1+7. It also signifies that after this project drops, everything will add up for my career to move to the next level. It’s an enzymatic prophetic project

The message behind the project is that:

  1. “Making music” wasn’t the whole idea but influencing culture and using music as a tool. More like the reason I do all I do.
  2. Also using this project as just the beginning as greater things are coming out in the coming years… U will notice I said some things in “Take over” the outro

It’s basically a first project. Getting peeps acquainted with my sound and for the folks that aren’t aware of “clean Hip Hop’ sound. To let them know you can be cool and still do hip Hop top Notch

Read more in his interview.

The rapper also said, ” …and at the end it’s gonna Add up 2+0+1+7=10 …Am taking the Bull by the Horn.. Asale ti koja(Night is Over) THIS IS ThE DAWN!!!… Road to the Tape. ??? —-/12/2017.”

Download here [ddownload id=”5014″]

Listen Below



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