nobigdyl, whatuprg (both of indie tribe) and producer, OnBeatMusic, have just released a new track, titled ‘Didn’t I’. The song is a remix to Lecrae and Andy Mineo’s track, which was done in preparation of the ‘Never Late Than Never’ tour. dyl hinted on the song with a message- ‘we don’t appreciate the disrespect’.

Just as thoughts about the absence of Jarry Manna and Mogli The Iceburg on the song may come through to listeners, RG added to his lyrics on the song saying:

“I told Manna (Jarry Manna) he going make it out of Tulsa, I told Mog (Mogli The Iceburg) we going need a bigger tour bus”.

Recall that Jarry Manna mentioned in his interview with iRapChrist how far away he is from the other members of indietribe, he stays in Oklahoma
Listen to the song here :



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