Lagos based artiste, BF  describing himself as a complex problem that cannot be solved easily due to the multiple art forms he does including rap, spoken word, battle rap, dance and acting  – Hydratiste (a fusion of hydra –complex and artist)  has released a new single ‘No Hook

In an exclusive with iRapChrist BF says,  I’ve been stalling on taking music seriously for almost 4 years, but this year I just decided to go all in, ten toes deep.

BF also explains No Hook as having two meanings literally and metaphorically,

  1. Literally, the song does not have a hook.
  2. Metaphorically, he says it means nothing is holding me back anymore, I’m now into music Totally, I have “no hook” holding me back

As a result of being off the hooks like Tedashii, BF announces a Mixtape “Extra Year”  dropping later this year

Listen Below.

Download here.


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