NF’s newly released ‘Perception’ album bags no 1 on iTunes.
The highly anticipated album ‘Perception’ after therapy session by NF has been released. As it seems like no time at all. On October 6, NF’s album charted at the number 1 spot on iTunes Hip Hop Chart and iTunes overall chart. This is the Michigan rapper’s third album in three years.  NF took to twitter appreciating his fans saying –

“If I’m being honest the last few months leading to this album have been some of my toughest. I wish I could say I never have doubts of myself, or the music I put out. I wish I didn’t feel like everything I do isn’t good enough. I’m a perfectionist which has helped me get where I am, but it has also destroyed me in so many ways. I don’t tell you these things for pity, I tell you these things because seeing the love for this album puts a smile on my face even if it’s a brief one. Thank you for coming a long with me on this journey. I truly feel like this moment is the beginning of something important not only in my personal life, but for people who feel like me. Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys! #realmusictillthedaywedie”.


NF described the album cover and theme for the “Perception” album in a tweet on June 9, 2016.

NF left a hint about the album name and cover in the music video for “Green Lights.” In the last scene of the video, NF opens a safe and takes out a bunch of keys and a note that writes “PERCEPTION.”

The album cover follows the same theme of his last two records, Therapy Session and Mansion.

NF has some of the most devoted fans and they along with his music have propelled him to where he is today.

Be sure to buy or stream the new album on iTunes, Spotify, Or anywhere you do your music.




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