After much waiting and anticipation for hid new album, NF has finally released ‘The Search‘ – his fourth studio album.

The album is a follow up to the third album ‘Perception‘ which dropped in 2017. The Search album, a 19 track album includes earlier released singles Why, The Search, When I Grow Up and Time. The project has production credits from b | r z, Cole Walowac , David Garcia , NF & Tommee Profitt.

See Tracklist here
The Search Tracklisting:
1. The Search
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Change
4. My Stress
5. Nate
6. Time
7. Returns
8. When I Grow Up
9. Only feat. Sasha Sloan
10. Let Me Go
11. -Interlude-
12. Hate Myself
13. I Miss The Days
14. No Excuses’
15. Like This
16. Options
17. Why
18. Thinking
19. Trauma

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