NBuzz Misunderstood lower quality


Nbuzz  previously released a single from his soon to be released EP. Misunderstood is set to be released on April 1, 2016. From what we know so far, Misunderstood is a song that addresses various misconceptions N’Buzz has faced as a Christian, rapper and a man.
As a Christian, some individuals have placed insignificance on the “rap gift” and it’s inability to win souls for Christ. Misunderstood seeks to address that. Misunderstood also explains how music should be used to have positive influence on individuals, it also tells how cool and deep the gospel could be in comparison to the “regular secular”.

Finally misunderstood explains love from his vantage point. “Love is God and God is Love,  if you ain’t got one then you ain’t got none mehn“-an excerpt from the second verse of the song. You cannot separate God from Love and Love from God.

You can listen to his first single “One Day” below.





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