Sho Baraka has released his first project  since signing with Humble Beast Records

Humble Beast Records says.

It has been three years since @amishobaraka released new music, but today we launch his highly anticipated fourth studio album The Narrative. The Narrative addresses hot topics including social consciousness, issues of everyday life and the struggles we all face as humans. All the topics are saturated in a Gospel worldview which informs how Sho wrestles through each train of thought.
Sho Baraka’s hope is that his music will serve as a gateway for listeners to engage in conversation with each other, ask questions and draw closer to God.

Another good news is that this album will also be available for free ! If you are able to purchase the album digitally or Physically, please do in order to support the Humble Beasts.


Purchase The Narrative on iTunes.

Download for free on humblebeast records


  1. Forward, 1619 (feat. Adan Bean & C. Lacy)
  2. Soul, 1971 (feat. Jamie Portee)
  3. Kanye, 2009 (feat. Jackie Hill Perry)
  4. Love, 1959
  5. Here, 2016 (feat. Lecrae)
  6. 30 & Up, 1986 (feat. Courtney Orlando)
  7. Profhet, 1968 (feat. Jamie Portee)
  8. Maybe Both, 1865 (feat. Jamie Portee)
  9. Excellent, 2017
  10. Road to Humble, 1979
  11. My Hood, U.S.A., 1937 (feat. Vanessa Hill)
  12. Words, 2006
  13. Fathers, 2004
  14. Piano Break, 33 A.D.




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