Bizzle of God Over Money Movement who recently released an album Crowns and Crosses , took to social media to share  his thoughts on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and how Christians especially his fans are reacting to the recent happenings.

My thoughts On Trump, Hillary, and the church (If you don’t read it all, don’t comment).

1. I didn’t vote for anybody. I am not convinced I have to pick between two devils. Jesus and His disciples didn’t feel the need to pick either Sadducees or Pharisees sides merely because one side agreed with their view on the resurrection. I voted for Obama the first term but after he got into The White House and went against my beliefs, I didn’t vote the second term. I don’t judge anyone for voting. That’s just me. And don’t assume I don’t trust God simply because I have an opinion. I trust God now just like I did when Obama was in office. I trust God’s word enough to know what Revelation says is coming and nobody in that office can stop that.

2. I don’t have a problem with anyone voting for who they feel is the lesser of two evils. I only have a problem when people act as if Trump is the “good guy.” I have watched church leaders jockey for position with this man and claim he is anointed man of God, and so-called Christians act like he is “God’s man”. You probably couldn’t even sit through his campaign speech without covering your children’s ears.

I watched that man speak to a 10-year old little girl, then turn and say “I’ll be dating her in 10 years, can you believe it?” He’s been accused of sexual assault on multiple occasions including raping a 13 year old. He said “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, I’d be dating her” and told Howard Stern “You can call my daughter a piece of ass.” Not to mentioned he’s been married three times, and his wife, the new first lady has posed nude. Why do I bring that up? Because if it was anyone else, you would never put that person in office. And Hillary being wicked, does not make Trump good. At the end of the day, “Woe to he who calls good evil, and calls evil good.” If this is not you, then I obviously am not talking to you.

3. The selective grace I see is disheartening. I remember quoting T.D. Jakes one time and a bunch of people bashed me for it saying he was a false teacher, etc. I spoke to one of them and brought up Martin Luther. Martin Luther is a hero in the Church, but he said things like, “If I had to baptize a Jew, I would tie a stone around his neck” and that we should burn them and hang them, and that we should sin more boldly to spite the devil, etc. Now, I asked this young man if he judged his favorite teacher John MacArther for quoting Martin Luther and his response was “Well, Martin Luther wasn’t perfect…..none of us are…..we all have flaws” My response was, “Okay, so how come TD Jakes didn’t get that same grace? You called me blind and misled for even quoting that man. How come you didn’t say “He’s not perfect…we all have our flaws”? How come you called that man a devil but Martin Luther still gets to be the hero?” Unjust scales at it’s finest.

After all of the things I’ve named about Trump (and I left out a lot), many so-called “Christians” have responded with “No one’s perfect” and “We all fall short” and “None of us are righteous, no not one” and a bunch of others stuff that you guys never said for Obama, Jay-Z, or anyone else. Everything about Trump, from the way he talks to and about people, to the way he treats women—he embodies the same persona that we challenge in hip-hop all the time and everyone is cool with it. Trump is literally the white Kanye West. He can say and do whatever he wants and people act like it never happened.

4. The way believers are going against believers for this dude makes me sick to my stomach. This man has never expressed any type of reverence for our Lord. He’s never expressed any type of repentance. If anything, he has said that he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness because he’s done nothing wrong. I’ve watched people turn on family, friends, and brothers and sisters-in-Christ over this man. I’ve watched fans turn on me, someone whose walk you’ve seen for years….no scandal tied to my name….character has remained 100….put it all on the line for the Lord on many occasions….stayed in every lobby after every show greeting and taking pictures with every fan until the building was empty….spoken into the lives of many of you….and you turned on me for Trump who you have nothing in common with other than skin color. This leads me to question a lot of things…

5. Now, simply to expose the foolish conclusions many of you have jumped to, and because a lot of you are so convinced that because I am anti-Trump, I am pro-Hillary, I’ll tell you this: if there was a gun to my head and I absolutely had to vote for either Hillary or Trump, I honestly would have probably voted for Trump based on the demonic “Spirit Cooking” stuff on Hillary alone. That’s all I needed to see. So I am not bummed out that she didn’t win on no level, but I would make no excuses for Trump’s character in the process even if I did vote for him.

So those who will unfollow, go ahead and hit that button. I will not shut my mouth for album sales or ‘likes’ and you should know this by now.

And to all of my true supporters, I love y’all and appreciate you as always (no matter who you voted for lol)!!! I just have to shake off the “Unfollow Bizzle over politics” but “continue to follow Trump after sexual assault” type fans.


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