Indie Tribe artiste ‘Mogli The Iceburg’ after hinting us about his new project ‘let’s talk about our feelings’ has now released the cover art alongside the tracklist. The project is due for release on the 9th of November 2018. Cover art was done by Barry Daly. Preorder here

See Tracklist below :

  1. Somehow, we’ll Be Okay ft. H/rper
    2. I Don’t Need You Up in My Face rn ft. Jarry Manna
    3. See Me As I Am ft. nobigdyl
    4. Some Will Stay, Most Won’t ft. H/rper
    5. Idk ft. Jet Trouble
    6. I’m Not Alright ft. Kevmo
    7. Black on Black on Black on Black
    8. Let’s Talk About Our Feelings
    9. Empty Apartment
    10. Wide Awake ft. Zhaklina
    11. Let’s Call it Off
    12. Honest Conversations ft. LeAnder
    13. I Don’t Wanna Die Right Now



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