Rapper, Music Producer and head of music label World Renegade MusicSkrip‘ has just released a new fresh single titled ‘Prayed Up‘.

On this track, Skrip narrates how much good prayer has done for him and making him a better person.

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Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/2CEXtu7LJBA


I Came up, I Came up
You see me staying prayed up,
I’m prayed up
I’m begging you to say something
say something
And show you where I came from
I came from
(I came fro-o-om)
Gucci chasing
Fendi chasing
Prada chasing
Feel like Jason
Trying to get that crystal lake in
I go in they know, no faking
I can’t help but Stack my bacon
I can’t lose I know they Shakin
Trust in God Im saying patient
After life go up like space ship
Been getting better with time
This aint no overnight shine
You know I’m aging like wine
You can go look at me dumb
You really do not know the grind
Can’t you see what God has done?
Well, This is a sign
Used to think so foolish
Used to think so prideful
Used to have a lot of head knowledge
Without love they lies though
From long debates
To strong grace
From Plastic to glass plates
I would never know a new way
If I never took the time to pray
Off top like a toupee
Brains get lost in a strange craze
We truly living in Deranged days
You can try the most with feng shui
But it wears off like ben gay
My life’s a lesson you can Take up
You don’t know where I came from
But I’ll show you what I’m Made of
Everyday I wake up in the morning
Nothing getting passed me cuz I’m on it
I just get to work always on 100
I could be a jerk
But you know you love it ooh
I’m on that ohh
You can second guess but you aint got a Clue
They thought they knew
But don’t got truth
Talk is cheap
And what matters is what you do-do-do’’


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