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American Grammy Award-winning band Switchfoot, released on July 8, 2016 their tenth studio album – Where the Light Shines Through.

Note of mention is the appearance of Lecrae on the 10th  track of the album ‘Looking for America’.

Lecrae also had a similar song on his last studio album, Anomaly,  ”Welcome to America”. this appeared to make him the best fit

for this feature, with Switchfoot.

Lyrics from Lecrae


America you so pretty
But you not perfect
Confession of guilt is worth it
These people hurting deserve it
Blood on your hands I saw
When there’s blood on this nations floor
But it’s blood on the upper post of your door
If you need to know

I’m looking for your honesty in skeletons
Do away with your ignorance and arrogance
America the land of immigrants
Check the green card and pedigree
Bless the Choctaw and the Cherokee
That we’ll never see





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