Benue state rapper , Kezman , has released a free online version of his mixtape – Emotional Therapy which was released on CDs in Benue State, Nigeria  on November 20, 2016. Kezman describes the songs in Emotional Therapy  as the drugs prescribed by the great physician.

Emotional Therapy  appears to be a whole life scenario described musically  , scenarios painted in this mixtape mostly revolve around family and social issues subject to Kezman and people around him.

Emotional Therapy has also been described by the rapper to be a source of light in situation of darkness

Kezman also related to  below:

The word “emotional” simply means ur internal state of being relating to your physical way of living or thinking.. Now all this gat to be sound for a perfect life and when one’s internal state is corrupt or not sound, He needs a therapy.. Now many will say this therapy is just for unbelievers no! Unbelievers needs the therapy to live in the therapy or by the therapy, while believers have this therapy to live by. Most believers ignores the laws of this therapy because they feel they’re well shaped, well no. You’re not well shaped if this therapy is not your guide.. Now this therapy I’m talking about here is Jesus, which the bible describes as the great physician. You live by Him see Him in all you do in order to get rid of some emotional disease like: stress, heart breaks, poverty, laziness, sin, sickness etc… The therapy is needed by all for peace and life!


Listen to the album below.

Download here 



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