Kezman of SOS Music releases new music titled “You Know” featuring Kem Johns.

You know  talks about how God feels for mankind, Kezman says

Some believers know about this love of God for man but are not ready to yield or believe the promise God provides through His love…

The Benue State rapper while describing his state whenputtig the song together said

I was having issues with God, not really was I doubting his existence or anything else. But I was worried about my request not granted, I was restless because bills were on me and other domestic stuff, so I doubted his power for once, so he intervened then killed my doubt and He showed me what I knew about him, these things I seek or want he knows and I know he’ll offer them to me so I should cut off the wrong doubts.. Behold I paid my fees in school, and every other thing I ever asked for

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