The Glory is finally here, and the wait was worth it. KB drops ‘trap worship’ album, ‘His Glory Alone’ as the first full studio project from his HGA imprint since his departure from Reach Records. This is his fourth studio album, which contains some of the best of KB you might have heard yet.

His Glory Alone takes you on a journey through complex themes that comprise of KB’s makeup. On the album, he gives undiluted emotion regarding the torments of racial injustice as a man who grew up in a less advantaged community in St. Petersburg, Florida. KB had a lot of energy and hard work invested in this project, this album will literally make you drop to your knees and raise your hands in total worship.

In addition to music, KB has ventured into the role of creative visionary for his clothing business Native Supply. And he also co-hosts and produces faith and culture-based podcast, Southside Rabbi with Ameen

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Listen to His Glory Alone Below:

Watch as KB breaks down the album on Rapzilla’s Pen Game 101 (ep.1) below:


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