KB also Jumped on the So Gone instrumental.



K to the
Straight spitter
From the slum, J-Dilla
Grace in ‘em better come get us
When we coming on yo block “straight hitters”
Little bit of nay say in the Bay
K straight no the hate won’t break nor kill him
Put him in the middle of the industry and pull a Reggie Miller
Indie and I need ya to pace with us
I wrote this at the mall
Spit it at the Mac store they said I gave ‘em genius bars
Living to know Him and
Dying to make him known
Like I paid Sally Mae for ‘em, Jesus I can’t leave alone
Six years today my queen is not a rental
Chicks looking green I flash the ring like Ryan Reynolds
Never mind, I’ defined, by divine, I’m a branch on the vine, just try this riddle
I rather be giving one woman a hundred, than trying my love on a hundred women
Big up the Godhead
We are the fallen
We got the pardon, uh
We got the pardon
We like to party
Without Bacardi
We go the hardest
Without a harness
Peep our artist
Anybody wanna get a little bit of peace I got ‘em
The melody is sweet I promise, yeah

Tempo Tour, me and KBJ coming to your city
Can you say bye baby boy?
Thank you for this
We out, so gone


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