Bizzle of God Over Money Records has released the tracklist to his most recent studio album


The featured artists on the album is really nice, Dee-1 of Sallie Mae Back , KB  Jonathan

McReynolds , GS, Dee-1, Liz Rodrigues, Alexis Spight  and all of GOM  crew are featured on

Crowns & Crosses,

which is scheduled to drop Oct. 21.
Grammy Award winning producer Boi-1da (A close friend of Bizzle who produced his first album

Tough Love and Parables) produced 2 of the 19 songs in the album.


View the Tracklist below:

  1. We Here Now (prod. by C-Life)
  2. Bless His Name (feat. Alexis Spight) [prod. by C-Life]
  3. Wake Up (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  4. Ain’t Got it (feat. GS & Dee-1) [prod. by C-Life]
  5. Oh Yeah (prod. by C-Life)
  6. Knock Off Love (feat. Jonathan McReynolds) [prod. by Dilemma]
  7. Royalty Interlude (feat. Tony Gaskins) [prod. by The Cratez]
  8. Royalty (prod. by The Cratez)
  9. Closer (feat. Liz Rodrigues) [prod. by Boi-1da]
  10. Been 100 (prod. by The Cratez)
  11. Money Get Low (prod. by The Cratez)
  12. From The Outside (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  13. Dream World (prod. by C-Life)
  14. King (feat. H.U.R.T.) [prod. by MacNiff]
  15. Work It Out (prod. by Snaz)
  16. Forever Love (After The Storm Interlude) (prod. by C-Life)
  17. Hands In The Air (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  18. All I Know (feat. KB) [prod. by The Cratez]
  19. God Over Money Cypher (feat. Sevin, Datin, Bumps INF & Selah The Corner) [prod. by Boi-1da]


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