Take a peep at Sho Baraka’s Kanye rant which comes just in time appearing to reference Shai Lines’s Random thoughts 3 and Ruslan’s Response.


This Is My Kanye Rant: Let's imagine there is a debate happening around Christians in Hip Hop. Within this debate there are 2 stances. The "Golden Movement" and the "2012 Movement". I have a few thoughts ??‍♂️ The "2012 Movement"! #Blessings: It reminds me of the peculiar people in scripture who engage "popular culture" with a distinction that's informed by their creator. Lot, Joseph, Esther, Daniel, Paul (Acts 17) and of course the many examples of Jesus. #TurnItOff: The "2012 Movement" can often times be eerily close to Simon The Sorcerer who wanted the benefits of the Church/God for his own personal platform. It's a Movement that often praises "secular" artists & partners with the "world", while demoralizing the work in the church. Heartbreaking! I could say more and I AM ALSO GUILTY! The "Golden Movement"! #Blessings: It's reminds me of the Church in Acts, who found extreme joy in the didactic preaching of the gospel & edification of the church. Unashamed no matter the crowd or circumstance. #Turnitoff: It reminds me of the Older Brother in the Prodigal Son Story who believes love is earned via knowledge and labor not Grace and Mercy. Its a posture rooted in pride not humility. It's a movement that has not only deprecated evils but praised men, institutions and ideologies that have caused great damage to this WORLD. Heartbreaking! I could say more but I AM ALSO GUILTY! I support both movements and find great utility in their methods. However I also see the casting shadows the Son reveals about them. They have blind spots. Im here for absolutes but I agree with Reinhold Niebuhr when he suggest that we need to be defended not only against our cynicism but also against our idealism. For we are never more susceptible to evil than when we are convinced that we are RIGHT! I would even risk to say that the perpetual resurrection of this debate is a misplaced faith in our platforms and human abilities. I advocate debate. I don't expect it to cease. But I expect us to speak with less arrogance on matters the Bible may be silent on. Maybe we need Paul & Barnabus. Maybe it is both! ?: @annajunghwa

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