I refuse to sing or write a song that doesn’t reflect my trust in Jesus
I refuse cos I have found that there is nothing sweeter than singing for my God.
I refuse to sing or write a song that don’t ignite your precious people 
Here Jo Deep has made up his mind to only do music that reflects Christ.
why? cos there’s nothing sweeter than that.
la la la lala lala lala lala lala la…
How does this relate to Christian Hip hop.
It can be called a wake up call, a reminder , a message and most of all a song that strongly applies to the Christian Hip hop world.
Great self determination just similar to that in Lecrae’s line “Lord kill me if I don’t preach the Gospel”from the Rebel (2008) Album.
There is nothing sweeter than Singing for my Lord (Jesus). Name it , Grammys, Stellars, Money, sexual sins, Clothes, Cars, Drugs, Alcohol,etc.
Jo Deep says, I refuse to sing or Write a song that don’t ignite your precious people.
Here it is, we all are God’s precious people. (Christians or Not). It is for this reason that Christ sent his only Son to the world to save us all.
Hence Christian artists (Christian Hip Hop) should consciously invest quality time and resources into producing or singing songs that would truly ignite flames in the listeners, songs that hit the nail on the head, songs that are not ashamed to be against the standards of the world.
Christian Artists should not use the world as our yardstick , we should use the Bible as our yardstick.
“I believe that it is important for Artists who claim Christianity to ensure that Jesus is truly seen as Lord by the kind of content they produce or endorse. I am an artist with Christian beliefs and in this song Lies my Creed .”

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