Jered Sanders revealed his next LP title on a set on Wade-O Radio show,  Jered also shared some of  his future plans.

During the  interview with Wade-O, Jered Sanders shared about his current work situation, popping out for fellow CHH artistes on tours. Jered also talked about how things are working with God Over Money artistes, he mentioned how the label as whole was what he needed and it was everything he anticipated before he joined. Sanders also talked about his up coming projects,
Jered also revealed the name of his EP “Hurry Up and Wait” and how he wants the project finished before the birth of his child. The record will feature everything from trap to his bread and butter, boom bap stuff. “Hurry Up and Wait” will be the rapper’s second project since he dropped VerseAtility Mixtape after joining God Over Money team.
Jered Sanders was also asked where he will be in 5 years and he amazingly answered and said he would find someone to develop, cultivate who is next.

The latest artist in God Over Money records said he has always had the heart to support other artistes even though there isn’t any form of affiliation with that artiste. That it’s his to job to help and support these artiste if there willing.
Watch the interview below:


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