In this interview with Jarry Manna, an Indie Tribe artiste. Jarry Manna discusses a whole lot including his childhood, his family, his fascination with illuminati, how he got into Christian Hip Hop and also shooting his shot to join indie tribe. He talked about Indie tribe in which he described as an independent dope collective with each person bringing his thoughts and ideas to the table with all members working together towards achieving success.
When asked about how indie tribe started, he said it all started with nobigdyl. and Mogli The Iceburg. Prior to starting indie tribe, nobigdyl was a road manager for Derek Minor until Derek Minor pushed him to go face his rap career, the result of which is  forming a group. Jarry Manna added that his present location which is Oklahoma is one of the reasons behind him not being on tracks or tours with his fellow group members.
He also mentioned his favorite Christian hip hop artistes and gave more insights to what ‘Wave‘ means as he said wave for him indicates God’s grace like a flood. Wave is a word that artistes like Jarry Manna, Parris Chariz use a lot in their music

Additionally, Jarry Manna shared his thoughts on ways Christian Hip Hop can be better generally, he did not forget to talk about his producer that he holds in high esteem  ‘2peece’- who has been on most of his songs.

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