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For many, Sundays aren’t complete without a properly ironed Sunday (church cloth) outfit, any form of rice with an appropriate animal topping, church service for various purposes and for the music lovers, Sunday gospel jams.

However, said jams are only played on Sundays. On Sundays people listen/play gospel songs just before church but after the sermon, Wizkid’s latest jam is already banging at the back of their minds. Even on radio, gospel songs play from the hours of 7-12 a.m. (church service hours)

According to Lecrae, it seems the radio has got a problem playing substance. To some, this might be an exaggeration but it’s not an exaggeration to say that gospel songs are hypocritically played only on Sundays. Perhaps in a bid to keep the Sabbath day holy, however in the words of Andy Mineo “it’s an everyday thing”. The gospel, which beautifully transcends music, is an everyday thing.

Going back to music, does the gospel have what it takes to be an everyday thing on our playlist and on radio? Maybe what I should ask is if the gospel is an everyday thing in our lives? (I do not think that the gospel can take over the airwaves as of yet).

The gospel is the good news. CHH, Contemporary Christian Music, Gospel Music is what happens when Christians sing. Calling it a genre kind of puts it in a box, a pigeon hole of sorts. Unless we stop categorizing God or songs that talk about faith into a day or a genre, jack isn’t happening.

Frankly, I would rather have no radio play than to be segmented into a space on the radio. I would rather have an everyday gospel thing than have a Sunday ritual. But you know, what makes me sad is that some people are actually comfortable with this arrangement.

Let us know what you think.



  • Opeyemi, 22/02/2016 @ 02:09 Reply

    This is very true.

    • Bola Adisa, 24/02/2016 @ 10:22 Reply

      Thanks Opeyemi for your comment. it’s highly appreciated

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