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Come June 11, at the dome,Lekki Janette…ikz, Ezekiel Azonwu , Jackie Hill Perry and Preston Perry will be Live in Lagos for the biggest spoken word and rap concert “Rhyme and Reason Concert“.

Do make sure you register for this free concert here as there are limited free tickets.

In anticipation of this great concert, we have an  interview with an official Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM) poet – Janette…ikz  (@iamgenetics)




Who is Janette…ikz? And what does she do?

Janette…ikz – Janette…ikz is a not as young woman anymore, and just super ecstatic to be adopted into the family of Christ. She does a lot of different thine laughs a lot and also does music and poetry, she is a musician, and she dances and teaches dance and theatre. And she loves her husband thoroughly; she is really big on family, that’s what’s up.

What inspired your name and how long have you been performing your art?

Janette…ikz – my name first came from starting out as a rapper with some cousins and they gave me the name Mysterious, most people don’t know the name is Mysterious Janette…ikz, Mysterious because there were so many things I should have been dead for; falling backwards out of windows and injuring myself through different sports and stuff like that and it was just mysterious how God always spared me. We know that He is a mysterious God. Janette..ikz was because it was a derivative of my name and it’s also because my family are involved in arts there are singers, dancers, actors there are everything so that was passed down to me. The name together mysterious Janette…ikz speaks to how when we are grafted in, when we actually accept Christ, He rewrites our DNA and His blood makes our filthy and nasty blood becomes righteous because of what Christ has accomplished so my genes and my genetic makeup is very Mysterious because of what Christ has done.

How was your experience in Nigeria the last time you were in the country?

Janette…ikz – OH MY GOODNESS, being in Nigeria was a dream come through, I’ve had a love just for the culture for a while, some of my closest friends including Ezekiel are Nigerians so I just love culture period. I was introduced to Nigeria food when I went to Scotland because I personally believe Nigerians are everywhere, all over the world it’s like when you know one, you feel like they should know everybody and it’s just amazing and so when I came to Nigeria it was a dream come through; felt like I was at home, they hooked me up with jollof rice and gifts and amazing time. My favorite thing about Nigeria is the people, Nigerians are just such passionate people it doesn’t matter if they are speaking to you or if they are mad at you, they are just such passionate people and so it was an amazing experience, I know I had different warnings like; yeah be careful when you go through the airports;, yeah whatever, I just think people need to be more cultured and understand that cultures are different and there is a reason why things are the way they are everywhere

Were your expectations of the country met through your experiences? And what changes would you like to see when next you come to Nigeria?

Janette…ikz – My expectations were thoroughly met through my experiences. I won’t necessarily wanna see any changes unless I could get more food. We went to an amazing spot and I had jollof rice, stew chicken, Egusi I was just tearing it all up, so more food???

A quick message to all your fans in Nigeria.

Janette…ikz – Hey Naija how you dey? I dey oo. I just want you all to know that I love you all, this is mysterious Janette…ikz and I cannot wait to come to Nigeria you know I’m Naija at heart. Do you all believe people are trying to make me Jollof from Kenya and everywhere and they are saying your Jollof isn’t the best but we know the real deal.

What do you do for relaxation?

Janette…ikz – I hang out with my family, I love just sitting with my husband and chilling, doesn’t really take a lot, I love to have a travel that doesn’t have to be me on tour or doing work, as long as I have good people around me. And sometimes I just like to play my instrument or just be quiet and not do anything and just chill.

How was your experience at the last Rhyme and Reason?

Janette…ikz – The last rhyme and reason was amazing, for one, it is hard to deal with people who are very organized and for me when an event is really organized what makes it really dope is that it allows the artiste to just breathe and do their artform without being concerned if this is gonna be right or is that gonna be right because all of that will be taken care of.

What should all Janette…ikz fans expect at this year’s Rhyme and Reason?

Janette…ikz – I will hope that you guys will expect from me the same reason why you began following me is that it is my goal desire, and it is mainly important to me to give you every single thing that I got, I’m not gonna come all the way from the states, all the way to Nigeria, leave my man and come there to give y’all some nonsense. I’m coming to bring it, I’m coming to prayerfully convict by way of the holy spirit, I’m coming to share truth, I’m coming to love on yall and be loved on, those are things that can be expected.

Any words of advice to people who are too scared to pursue their passions.

Janette…ikz – You know fear is not of God, fear can hold you back from pursuing your passions, I think the things that help me move forward is that the passions I have are biblical, they are not self-motivated like let me just do my own thing, because I believe that I’m in the will of God it makes it much easier to pursue the passion because I’m not going with my own strength and I know that the Lord is with me. When you have confidence you don’t have to worry about your own fears because you are doing it in the Lords will, but I do think that there is a healthy fear we should have especially for those who are poets, ministers and whatever the case may be because you are proclaiming to speak on behalf of the voice of God, sometimes people just jump up and say things, do things in bad quality and are not that great and I think that we should have a healthy fear of God if we are gonna say that we represent Him because one day we all will be judged by every word that came out of our mouths and that is something that we should really think about. Just have a healthy fear of God and also not be scared to pursue your passions and as long as you make sure the passions are what God desires of you and not what you desire of yourself.

Thanks, catch you in Lagos, Nigeria on June 11 th 2016.

Janette…ikz – Yo! What’s up this is Janette…ikz thanks so much, I’ll catch you in Lagos, Nigeria on June 11th , 2016.



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