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In a recent interview with Nbuzz,  we learnt he got into music when he was about six years old, the love of rap came up in his secondary/high School, he started rapping generally in 2008/2009,

Buzz started from the Church Choir, his love for music was so deep that he played the keyboard so much when he was a kid.He needed more music and got a lot of influence from rap, and rap that represents the gospel was not really around him then so he had no choice to go into the secular rap game, rapping about stuff “that he wouldn’t wanna say on camera

What does N Buzz mean : The N in N Buzz means his surname Nwokolo , the Buzz comes from is first name Chibuzor

Buzz is still working on his indigenous rap flow in Igbo language and believes he is going to get better at it.

Buzz also applauded Provabs for taking a great step in uniting rappers in Christian hip hop with his recent W.A.L.L.S project, he calls for more work to be done in the Industry, especially on quality.

In this same interview he responded to the use of profane words in music that’s associated with Christ.

Buzz says he makes truth Music.


“If Someone doesn’t wanna listen to my music, because I talk about God on my songs, I talk about the truth , then I know there’s gonna be someone out there who still wants to hear the truth, who still needs the truth”.


“I did not do this project because I love music so much or because I needed to make a statement in the game but rather because God has a lot to say and He laid the responsibility on me to be His mouth piece. Yes I love music but not more than the God who made it though, so V.A.I.N is all about God exposing the nothingness in all we claim to know or have and establishing His fullness in all. This point is made more explicit on the spoken word piece titled VAIN.”

V.A.I.N EP drops June 25th. Save the date.

Watch N’ buzz freestyle.



Listen to the interview for more.





Nbuzz also recently released Misunderstood as a part of the V.A.I.N EP.


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